Flutter Handshake error in client (OS Error: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED: self signed certificate in certificate chain(ssl_cert.c:345))

I started playing with Flutter to get to it better. The setup in the work PC was easy and straightforward. But when installing at my home's PC I started getting an error when running flutter doctor. The error was the following: C:\Users\vieir>flutter doctor Checking Dart SDK version... Downloading Dart SDK from Flutter engine ead227f118077d1f2b57842a32abaf105b573b8a... Unzipping... Continue Reading →

Two good courses on Blockchain Technology

I am always interested in new technologies. I have recently started studying the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. I have recently taken two courses of one hour each(approximately) on Lynda.com. They give a general idea of the blockchain. I recommend it if you don't know anything or have a basic level of knowledge in blockchain... Continue Reading →

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